I’m forming a board of directors…

For some time, it’s been unofficial, but I’m trying to make it more formal this year; I’m putting together my board of directors.

I’m committed to finding the very best advisors, people who are at the top of their field and who are available at any moment to sit down with me and let me drink in their wisdom.

I’ve been interviewing prospective members, and I’m wondering if you’d give me a hand.

Who would you recommend that I talk to?

To give you some idea of what I’m looking for, let me give you some of my requirements:

  • I’ve never met most of my board members, but they’ve all given me hours of their best thinking.
  • Most are alive, but even those who aren’t have given me tremendous insight and advice.
  • I’m looking for folks with timeless wisdom – not the flavor of the day.

So far, I’ve got Jim Collins to teach me about strategy, Warren Buffet to teach me patience and discipline, Jerry Colonna, and Steve Chandler to teach me about coaching. Each is a part of my personal board of directors, and they don’t even know it!

I’ve dug into books by each of them, watched videos, and listened to podcasts where they’ve been guests. They’ve each taught me so much – and when I have a question – they are always there to give me a lesson.

So tell me, Who would you add? What books, podcasts, videos, or courses have most influenced your leadership and life?

Hit reply and let me know!

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