Improving Your Thinking

If I boil things way down, a leader’s job is to think.

Leaders need to have a perspective on the future and maneuver their firms to take advantage of that future. The only way to do that is to spend time reading, talking to people, and making connections by thinking.

One heuristic to tell how good someone is at making decisions is by how much time they have. The busiest people are often the ones who make the worst decisions. Busy people spend a lot of time correcting poor decisions. And because they’re so busy correcting past decisions, they don’t have time to make good decisions. ~ Shane Parrish

When we take the time to think, read, and explore ideas and perspectives that are new to us, we have a better view of the future.

If we want to go faster, we need more time to think.

It’s like driving through a pounding rainstorm.

When we can’t see out the windshield, we miss signs, make wrong turns, and make crashes more likely. When we accelerate and drive faster, all of those problems get worse.

Take time this week to make decisions that feel rushed or when you don’t feel like you have the information you need. What can you say “no” to that would create a clearer view through the windshield?

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