Is there something you are dreading in the office today? 

What are you dreading about your day or week in the office?

  • Is there an employee you are sick of? 
  • Do you have a client that’s driving you nuts? 
  • Are you financially stressed?
  • Is there too much work on your desk?

These things are like little rocks in your shoe. 

They aren’t crises, just annoyances, right?  You tolerate them for a while — some you become callused to and stop noticing them — others build up until you can’t stand it anymore. 

But if you were running a marathon you wouldn’t tolerate a rock in your shoe! You’d stop and get it out. You know that over four or five hours of running that rock would do serious damage. It would slow you down, or even knock you out of the race.

So what are you tolerating that you need to take care of?

For most of us, running our business is more of a marathon than a sprint. I don’t want to ever work for someone else again, and I sure don’t want to go through another start-up phase again either! 

So I want to make sure my business is sustainable. 

If there’s a rock in my shoe I need to take care of it. If I’m deficit spending I need to correct it. 

What are you putting off that you need to take care of TODAY? Write back and let me know – I read every e-mail I get and can help you take some action. 

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