I’ve given up on business books

I used to read business books voraciously. 

Peter Drucker, Jim Collins, David Maister, Patrick Lencioni, I loved reading and learning from these business giants. They taught me so much!

But, after a while, my desperation to voraciously consume business books started to wane. 

As I look back on it, I was so voracious because I felt like a fraud; like I didn’t know what I was doing. If I could wave around ideas that came from these big thinkers then that might make people believe that I knew what I was doing. 

It took a long time, but I finally realized that almost everyone was acting like they knew what they were doing, but most didn’t know any more than I did! Leading in a volatile world is like that — it’s always changing. What we read and learn today is obsolete next week. 

That’s 100X more true today. No one knows what they are doing.

What do you know?

If you’ve been in business for 5+ years, and grown your business to the point where you have even 1 employee, you know more than 80% of the business owners out there. 

“OK Brad, if I’m so smart why do I feel so lost and overwhelmed?”

It’s not that you don’t know what you are doing — it’s that you are trying to do too much. 

The difference between leaders who struggle to grow, and those who 2X or 3X their business, is that the latter focus on execution. They get stuff done. 

Do you want to be in the “get stuff done club”?

I’m looking for 5 business owners who:

  • Are looking to achieve 2X – 5X growth over the next couple of years. 
  • Are willing to listen, learn and participate in a community. 
  • Can dedicate at least 3 hours per week to working on their business. 
  • Are tired of messing around and want to get stuff done. 

If that’s you, hit reply and let me know. I’ll reach out and schedule a call where I can learn more about your business and your goals to see if there’s a fit with what we’re putting together. 

Question: What good thing do you need to say “no” to this month, so that you can be more successful next month?

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