Just do it

When things are shifting and uncertain, it’s tempting to try to think our way out of the uncertainty.

If I can get more information; if I can talk to more people, or work out a more through plan…

That’s not how uncertainty works.

In fact, that’s how our anxious brain works. Our anxious mind runs around like a squirrel trying to collect all the information, to be “right” about everything.

What does your gut say?

Sometimes instead of working things out in our heads, we need to work things out with another intelligence; our gut intelligence.

When I find myself getting wound up in uncertainty, when I don’t know where to turn, I try to tune into what my body is saying. What do I know instinctually, inside me?

What’s one step I could make in that direction? How could I move that way and keep listening to my gut?

How do you calm your anxious brain and get back to taking action?

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