Leaning Into Change Instead of Waiting for “Normal”

I know firsthand how exhausting the pace of change has been over the last few years. As leaders, we’ve guided our teams through uncertainty at every turn.

And it’s not just change from one angle. The Pandemic opened up new ways to work and sell. Our employees have changed their expectations and keep asking for more. AI has changed our tools and made the impossible a reality.

It feels like the hits just keep on coming!

Let’s look through a different lens.

Change is happening all around us; it’s constant and not going away. So you can either fight it (which takes energy and makes you tired), or you can embrace it, learn resiliency, and learn how to gain strength through change.

Rather than hoping the changing business environment will plateau, I’m curious about doubling down on the growth mindset that got you through the last few years. Where could it take you?

Change creates at least as much opportunity as it does chaos. What if we saw the changes of the last few years as having built “muscle” and readiness into our business?

Consider the quick calls you made these past few years – they revealed leadership instincts you can trust. You have grown as a leader, and your team has likely grown with you.

What does that make possible?

“The one who would be constant in happiness must frequently change.” ~ Confucius

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