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“Looking at the numbers made me feel so much better!”

I had been getting anxious emails from one of my clients for a couple of days. Each day the anxiety seemed to be getting higher and higher. 

She was worried about the future of her business. (Aren’t we all!) 

It seemed like every night she’d wake up, and her mind imagined another doomsday scenario that resulted in her and her whole family sleeping under a bridge! (Why is it that these ideas always come in the middle of the night?)

As I had received her series of anxious emails, I was responding by sending her some spreadsheets. A budget spreadsheet, and a cash flow projection, with instructions for how to put the numbers together to help her see more clearly what the future might hold. 

As I got the fourth email from her in as many days, I cringed a little bit as I opened it, but the demeanor of this email was altogether different. 

 I finally got up the courage to put numbers into those spreadsheets you sent. I was putting it off; worried about how bad it was going to look.

But check it out! I’m going to be OK! In fact, I’m pretty sure I can hire a part-time person to get some of this work off my plate without worrying about the cash flow.

What a relief!

Are you waking up at night with visions of living under a bridge, or worse yet, images of looking for a job

Take a couple of hours and run your numbers. Even if they are ugly, now you have an idea of how ugly. You know how much you need to find in cuts, or in new revenue. 

If you don’t even know how to start, if my instructions seem like greek to you, hit reply and we’ll get you some help. 

Now is no time to be flying blind, and I promise, the numbers you look at during the day aren’t nearly as bad as the ones in your head at night.