More thoughts on how money is like firewood…

I imagine that you’re in a cabin in the woods. You’ve been gathering firewood every day for months. Firewood is piled all the way around your cabin, and yet, you feel compelled to collect more. You have to go farther and farther to get firewood; the once beautiful forest has been stripped of anything that will burn.

Yesterday we talked about how we respond when we’re running low on firewood and how differently we react to that situation than when we’re running low on money.

But what about the opposite?

Some of you aren’t short of money. The last couple of years have been good for your business, and you’ve got enough money to last a year!

How does that make you feel?

Do you still feel anxious, cautious, straining to get more?

Does it hurt whenever you spend some of it?

Could you accelerate your growth with one additional hire, but you’ve kept things lean?

What is enough firewood, er, I mean money? What do you do when you reach that point?

Stop for a minute and notice the feelings you are having right now about that statement.

I’d love it if you’d hit reply and tell me how the idea that money could be like firewood makes you feel.

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