My most reliable decision-making tool

We’ve frequently discussed how making decisions is the leader’s #1 job. It’s what earns you the big bucks.

Somedays, you get the easy ones. The client is 60 days late on their last invoice, but they want us to expedite the delivery of their website so that it will be ready for the upcoming trade show. What should we do? (Hint: you get paid!)

But on other days, the choice isn’t quite as clear. You’ve looked at all the available data and tried some experiments to reduce the risk, but the way forward is still unclear.

There are loud voices on your team advocating for both sides, and it’s time for you to make a choice. What to do?

It’s time to access the one tool that’s unique to you

In my heart of hearts, I believe we all know the decision we want to make. It’s down there inside of us. But the loud voices, inconclusive data, and high stakes have created a fog hiding that certainty from us.

In that situation, I reach into my pocket and grab the one tool that reliably cuts through that fog. A quarter.

That’s right; my most reliable decision-making tool is a coin flip. But I don’t use it the way you are thinking.

There’s no way they’d pay me the big bucks to outsource my most important job to random chance! But a coin flip can still help!

  1. Before I flip the coin, I take the temperature in my brain – am I hoping the coin tells me to decide one way? That’s great information about what my “gut” is telling me.
  2. Then I flip the coin. When I see the coin’s “decision,” what’s my immediate reaction? Am I relieved or alarmed? That’s another great insight into my inner knowing.
  3. If I wasn’t rooting for a side and didn’t have any reaction to the result, then maybe it truly is a 50/50 decision, and I go with the coin. Sometimes you have to make a decision and move on. Done.

How about you? When you’ve got good reasons and strong voices on both sides of an issue, how do you decide?

Hit reply and let me know – I’m always learning!

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