We’re not going back…we’re going forward

As the US is waiting to get our shots and the accompanying immunity, we might also be thinking about what the future holds for our life and business.

While I don’t have a clear picture of what’s coming, I do know that we’re not going back; we’re going forward.

  • If you reopen your office, you’re not going back to the office culture and work styles you had before.
  • If you’re going back to conferences and trade shows, they will be forever changed.
  • Our selling styles, interviewing and hiring systems, and service delivery methods all need to shift from what we had before.

That said, there is one thing that (likely) hasn’t changed.

You started this business because you had a purpose, a vision, a wrong that you wanted to right, a better way of doing things.

What was that? Is it still clear in your mind?

Does that vision still fire you up? Does it still get you going?

How do you communicate that to your team? Do they see it?

Asking better questions

Once everyone knows what we’re doing and the difference we’re trying to make, then we can go back and evaluate what we should hold onto and what we can let go of.

  • Instead of asking, “Should I keep my office?” Ask, “How does your office help fulfill your mission?”
  • Instead of asking, “Should we be jumping on Clubhouse?” Ask, “How would being on Clubhouse help fulfill our mission?”
  • Instead of asking, “Should we be serving the same market in the same way as we did in 2019?” Ask, “How can we serve this market in a way that fulfills our mission?”

Maybe your mission statement was just something to put on a plaque in your conference room or on your “About” page on your website, but now is the time when you need it to do some real work for you.

So tell me, what mission are you on? If your business ceased to exist, what would be lost to the world? Hit reply and let me know; I’d love to hear!

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