Not now Mr. Resistance!

Matt Krause replied to my emails this week with his method for getting past The Resistance. It’s so good I had to share it with you (Italics added for emphasis):

Hi Brad,

I love that Steven Pressfield book. I read it about the same time I was writing my first book, and one of the insights I like in that book is that The Resistance is stronger than you are, and it will never go away, never.

So what I did then, and do now, and need to do every hour of every day (hopefully, if I’m doing things right) is imagine The Resistance as a person (I always picture The Resistance with a big black hooded cape, like Death without the scythe). When it shows up, I just say, “Welcome, I’ll be with you in a moment,” and then I finish the important thing I’m doing, and then when I look up to see what The Resistance needs, it gave up and left. Of course, if I’m doing things right, it’ll be right back in a few minutes, and I’ll just welcome it and ask it to patiently take a seat, yet again.


What I love about Matt’s approach is that he’s not fighting The Resistance. When we turn to fight, we lose focus on the important work we are doing.

Instead, he welcomes it in, asks it to take a seat, and goes back to work.

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