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People like us do stuff like this

You know when you are in a “tribe” because you do the things that your tribe does, you wear the things that they wear, you sound like them, you look like them…

Seth Godin, in one of his most popular blog posts, called it “People like us do things like this.

So when you think about your ideal target market — that buyer that you are 100% sure you can make a big difference for — what tribe are they in?

  • How do they talk? What words do they use differently from the way the rest of the world uses them?
  • Where do they go (online and IRL)? What kinds of things do they do when they are there?
  • What are the signals of trust and status that they display?

If you can answer those questions, then you are “in.” You are a part of the tribe, and being a part of any tribe that your ideal client is a part of can be powerful. 

How do you show your ideal client that you are in their tribe?

How can you create a more consistent sales process?

Our 7-question assessment will tell you.

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