Pop the cork for yourself!

First off, in case you didn’t see it earlier in the week, Happy Bosses Day!

Take a minute today and celebrate the difference you make in the world through your leadership, courage, and hard work. Seriously, it deserves celebration.

One of the things I see consistently among my clients is that they don’t celebrate their wins.

  • Land a big, new client – and move right on to planning the engagement.
  • Hire that dream Creative Director – but now I need to bring in the work to pay her!
  • Close the year with record profits – how will I do that again next year, and the taxes I will have to pay…

Even when I do see a client making a big splurge, a new watch, a Tesla, or a big vacation, they always downplay it. They tell me what a good deal they got or how long they’ve wanted it.

You’re a boss; you’ve earned it!

So instead of feeling sheepish about that boss-lady purse, or having a nice dinner with your friends, celebrate it. You’re the boss; you get to make decisions like that.

Take a minute to recognize the price you paid to get to this point, then do something nice for yourself!

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