Raise your hand if you’re addicted to achievement!

Hi, my name’s Brad, and I’m addicted to achievement.

I love to get things done. I love the feeling I get when my business is going well when I’m closing new deals and seeing progress with my clients.

But when I know there’s another endorphin hit just around the corner, when do I stop? What is enough growth or enough wins?

Breaking the cycle

The only thing in nature that grows without limits is cancer. Everything else has rhythms of growth and dying back, of breathing out, then breathing in, of rising and falling.

As we reach the turn of the season, from summer’s growth to winter’s rest, how can you reflect this rhythm of nature in your own life and work?

Where do you need to exhale, fall back, and rest? Where is the addiction to growth and achievement stealing your vitality and life?

If you’re wondering if there is a more restful way to achieve excellent results, if you have a sense that all your rushing around is causing you to be missing some essential things in life, hit reply, and let’s get on the phone.

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