Regaining Perspective

This month I worked on a deal that would have been a dream assignment for me.

I had the right contacts; I was the only resource considered. As I talked to the decision-makers, it was clear that they saw the value the engagement would create. The price was right for both sides.

But it didn’t happen.

The worse part is that no one moment or conversation killed the deal. The prospect got distracted with other issues, and the urgency dissipated.

In past year’s I might have fought to re-ignite it or replayed it in my head a million times to find an angle to get back in.

But this year, I let it go.

While it was work I’m good at that would be meaningful and valuable, with a client I admire, I don’t have to win this deal.

I’m OK.

In fact, I’ve got a great life, a good business, my health is good. I’ve got everything I need.

I don’t need that deal. Not getting it doesn’t change any of that.

Is there something you are holding on to more tightly than you should? Is there something you are taking too personally?

You can let go. You’ll be OK.

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