Ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life!

When I was in the busiest time of my life; I was getting my business going, I was raising some teenagers, I was struggling with figuring out how to get everything done and do this “life thing” in a way that felt at all successful.

In the middle of that time, I asked an older mentor for some advice.

How do I get it all done?

His advice shocked me!

“Ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.”

All I did at that point in my life was hurry. I would wake up super early. Pack up some lunches, make breakfast, run out the door, and get into my first meeting of the day. I ate lunch behind my steering wheel as I ran to my afternoon meetings, struggling to get home in time to make dinner…

That was my life. I was rushing from one thing to another. And here was my mentor telling me that I needed to ruthlessly eliminate hurry from my life.

Although this advice seemed insane, I didn’t have any better ideas, and so I leaned in to slowing down.

  • I tried having fewer meetings and getting less done
  • I tried saying “no” to more and more assignments.
  • I tried to be more present to what I was doing every moment of the day.

What I found underneath the hurry was fear.

Fear that I would disappoint people fear that if I didn’t constantly produce, I wouldn’t have value, fear that I wasn’t enough.

Looking back, it seemed crazy to slow down, but living every day in fear is way worse.

I still bump into those fears almost every day, but they don’t have the exact grip that they once did, as long as I’m not in a hurry!

How would you rate your level of “hurry” and business? What would that do for your business and life if you could find a way to be 50% less busy?

Hit reply with your thoughts; I’m looking forward to hearing them.

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