Setting limits on my “crazy boss”

We’ve talked about my “boss” before, right?

He’s a total nut job, always making commitments with unrealistic deadlines. He’s terrible at looking at a to-do list and having any idea of how long it’s going to take to complete that work. It’s his fault that I’m writing this email at a quarter of eight at night while my family is watching an Avengers movie.

I should have told him OFF! I should have just said, “Write it yourself.” How many times has he put me in this situation? Too many.

But this is the last time.

Here are my rules going forward.

Work is not going to interrupt my family time.
I only have one family. I’m going to have lots of bosses. If you set deadlines that can only be met by me skipping family time, then things are just going out late. How about doing a better job of setting your priorities during the day so that you’re not giving me these last-minute deadlines?

I’m getting out for some exercise every day.
No more skipping workouts. If the gym is closed, I’m going for a walk. If my body’s not healthy, my work is going to suffer.

I need time for friends
My family is great, but I need a life outside of work and my family. I need to have time for some hobbies, sports, or other interests. There need to be good things in every week that aren’t about work. I need to be creative and have venues for making friends that don’t care about my job.

Why now?

Maybe you think this isn’t the time for me to be standing up to the “boss,” but if not now, when? Now is the time when the fear is compelling him to new levels of crazy, and I need to take care of my physical and mental health now! Now is the time when having these boundaries will make the most significant difference.

What do you need to have a talk with your “boss” about? How have you, er, how have they been abusing your health and wellbeing in pursuit of short-term gains?

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