Slowing down, so you can get your brain back!

I’ve talked to a lot of business owners this week and heard a lot of different stories. 

Some are fielding record numbers of new business requests; others had seen their business drop by 50% or more. Some who don’t know anyone who had suffered from the virus, others who had seen friends and family members get sick, one who had lost someone. 

We are facing new challenges. 

Everyone I talked to is working at a deficit. Working with kids (and spouses) underfoot, navigating a myriad of government programs, providing tech support to stranded team members, keep current projects moving while responding to panicked clients… It takes a toll on us.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and paralyzed. 

With all the changes we’re experiencing, our brains are working harder than ever just to live through a typical day. We’ve got a ton to process; there are millions of decisions, data coming at us from everywhere. It’s no wonder we’re overwhelmed and paralyzed. It’s exceedingly taxing on our poor brains. I see it in almost every conversation. It’s harder to hold onto a thread; it’s impossible to multi-task. We’re struggling with regular work!

If you find yourself in that state, it’s essential to do one thing. 

S L O W   D O W N.

First, take a deep breath. Let your brain quiet down for a minute and check in with your body. Are you OK? Where are you holding the tension, the stress? Can you let it go? What does your body need right now? 

Take another breath. Now write down all the things that you are holding in your mind; all the to-do’s, the information, the feelings, fears, and doubts. Write them all down until there’s nothing left to write. On paper is good, but if you want to use a keyboard, that’s fine too. 

Take another breath. Look at what you wrote down. Where does that need to go? Are there to-dos for your task manager? Are there things that you can just cross off and let go? Where can you get help? Are there messages you need to send? Is there a friend you need to call? 

Slow down and let it out, then make a plan to move forward. You can do this. 

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