Taking time to morn, listen, learn, and repent.

George Floyd’s death was just nine days ago.

Since then, our country has been in turmoil. We’re trying to understand why it happened, and why it keeps happening—and then trying to appreciate the reactions of the protesters, and deal with the reactions of the politicians, and the police.

I wish I could just turn it all off, ignore what’s happening, and just “focus on work.”

That might have been my coping strategy in the past — but in the last few years, that’s felt more and more impossible. The stories I hear from those who have experienced racism compels me to dig in, to listen, and to morn. Stories from both those I know and those I’m reading and listening to help me to feel it all.

So, knowing now that only white people have the privilege of turning away or of turning it off, I don’t want to make that choice.

I’ve been letting it in—more with each story, each death, each violation.

While I’m trying to keep my business and my client’s businesses moving, I realize that what America is going through right now is an undertow that has knocked us all down over and over again this week, this year, and if you’re black, for 400 years.

How are you feeling this week? Raw and sad? Depressed and distracted? Engaged and energized? No judgments, it’s different for all of us.

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