Do you want to have a more positive, productive, and creative team?

“In any team, particularly creative teams, the productive output of the team is inversely proportional to the drama between the team members.” ~ Julie Colbrese

Have you ever been part of a team that had lots of politics, in-fighting, and drama? How do you remember that time in your life? Was it satisfying, engaging, and delightful?

I doubt it.

Think now about a team that kicked-butts-and-took-names, a group that excelled because everyone on the team was pulling in the same direction. No one worried about who got the credit; everyone was “in it to win it.”

What was that like?

When you’ve got a lot of jockeying for position or argument over insignificant stuff, it’s a sign that you haven’t told your team why what they are doing is important. They haven’t connected their performance to a higher purpose.

That’s the leader’s job.

When you are the leader of the team, it’s your job to:

  • See the future
  • Set the goals
  • Explain how meeting those goals is going to position the team for future glory.

When have you experienced that kind of leadership? Can you think of an example? Can you live that example?

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