The fake money experiment.

This spring, I started an experiment.

I had come across this video clip of Oreoluwa Sorunmu saying,

“Money just finds its way to me. I think money recognizes me, money is comfortable around me, and money likes me. So money feels when it needs someone to talk to, it will choose me in the crowd and it will come and sit next to me. Whether it comes in the form of whatever, but it will choose me.”

That quote messed me up. None of what she said was true for me.

Money made me anxious; it made me itchy. I have spreadsheets, budgets, and financial plans to help me not worry about money. But even with all that, I’ve been up in the middle of the night worried about money.

If it is possible to be comfortable with money, I want to figure that out.

So I devised an experiment.

Maybe I could become more comfortable with money by hanging around with cash more often. Like exposure therapy for folks with allergies. What if I had a pile of cash on my desk all the time? Would that make me more comfortable with money?

Sure, there are some problems with having stacks of cash on my desk, but what if I could

I went back to the internet and found propmoney.com, and 15 minutes later, I had $50,000 of (fake) cash coming my way for less than I spent on dinner with my wife!

package containing $50,000 in hundreds

On Thursday, I’ll tell you more about my experiment, but today, can you imagine how you’d feel if you had opened that FedEx with $50,000 inside? What would you notice if you had that stacked on the side of your desk all day?

Hit reply and let me know!

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