The Problem is Me — Continued!

When last I wrote we talked about the fact that if you wanted to see change, in your business or your life, you needed to change. (Then Memorial Day weekend happened and I missed a whole week of emailing!)

I got quite a response to that email!

Some thought it was a little harsh, some felt like I was blaming them, and others were energized by the message. So I guess it deserves a little follow-up.

There’s no one to blame

When I said, “The problem is me” that doesn’t mean that I (or you) are to blame, or that I (or you) are the only source of the problem. It’s quite possible that there was no other way to get to where you are than by going through what you have gone through. In other words, the disappointment you feel in your team, or your company’s performance might be a necessary condition for producing the success to come.

But only if this situation brings change.

There’s no other way to create change

Let’s assume that everyone on your team is doing their best, you included. Yet, even with everyone doing their best the results are not what you are looking for. To get different results I see three options.

I could:

  1. Work harder.
  2. Get new team members.
  3. Make different choices about how I act.

If “working harder” could fix the situation, it would have been fixed, right? I’m assuming you’ve tried that!

Similarly, these aren’t the first people you’ve hired. If it was as easy as “hiring different people” that would have solved it by now, right?

Let’s even assume you’re getting better at hiring over time, but still, that’s a change you are making So we’re left with door number three: I need to change.

The cavalry isn’t coming

There’s no one coming to save you. There’s no magic pill to take, incantation to repeat, or 7-step process to implement, that will “fix” whatever situation you are in.

There’s only you – and those who come alongside to help you.

You might find that depressing, but I find it incredibly liberating! It means that I have everything I need – I just need to use it.

How about you? When I say, “The problem is me,” what do you hear? How do you respond? Hit reply and let me know – I honestly would love to hear!

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