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The upside of uncertainty

Yes, I love it when I can plan my budget for the year and then month-by-month tick off achievement after achievement. That feels great; it builds my confidence and makes me feel so smart!

But I don’t learn much during those times.

When everything is going great, I tend to get a little cocky and overly sure of myself. I’ve made some pretty big mistakes in those times!

Times of uncertainty bring out a different side of me

If I can get past the anxiety, times of uncertainty make me more curious; they push me to learn new things, try new things, find new answers!

If I follow that thread long enough, I end up in a whole new place.

By traveling through the uncertainty, absorbing new ideas, and embracing the questions I find there, I start to reinvent and create something new.

It gives me and my business room to grow.

Where do you find yourself in the diagram below? Where do you want to be?

Moving from your comfort zone to your growth zone

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