There are no bad clients…

There are no bad clients… ~Jason Swenk

I heard Jason say this on a podcast recently, and I stopped in my tracks and rewound to listen to it again.

There are no bad clients…

“Of course there are bad clients, Jason! You ran an agency; you should know that!”

Just listening to him say that made me think of all the times I had taught clients about qualifying prospects, about eliminating a$$holes, about setting solid expectations with clients right from the first conversation.

For sure, there are “bad” clients:

  • Clients who don’t want your brain, they just want to tell you what to create.
  • Clients who don’t want to pay a fair price.
  • Clients who are unwilling to do the work and spend the time upfront in order to get really good results.
  • Clients who lose interest, for whom you are the “flavor of the month.”

I could keep going…but then Jason finished the sentence.

…just bad sales processes!

That is so 100% right.

If we find ourselves working with a client who doesn’t respect our work, who challenges our authority, who doesn’t want to pay, it’s not their fault. It’s our fault for letting them become clients in the first place.

How well is your sales process eliminating the clients you don’t want to work with and attracting the ones you do want to work with?

Say it with me:

There are no bad clients…just bad sales processes! ~Jason Swenk

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