There is no 4-step plan

So, in my last message I used a headline that promised a “The 4-step plan for your most insurmountable problems” and it made me feel a little dirty.

That kind of headline works extremely well to improve open rates, and you see them all the time on long social media posts because they promise easy gains. There are just four steps!

But humans are not simple machines, and the last few years have drilled into my head the truth we don’t live in a simple world. Promises of easy answers deny that reality!

So, I’m sorry I “tricked” you with that headline.

Please don’t look for any more 4-Step plans

Almost all advice you see on the internet is more about the person giving the advice (What worked for them.) than it is about you.

The hard truth is, you have to figure out what works for you. What worked for someone else might not even work for them if they tried it a second time!

The good part is, if you want what that four-step plan promises you only have to figure out the next step.

I’m trying to avoid as much “4-step” content as I can – I just don’t trust it anymore.

But if I come across something that catches my eye, instead of clicking through hoping the answer is there I’m asking, “What’s the smallest move I could make in that direction?

I’m more likely to follow through on small moves, and it gives me a chance to see if the advice is helpful for me.

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