Focus on the next right thing

Last week on LinkedIn, I talked about the power of systems to help us get things done.

Systems are great for problems with mostly known steps; if we’ve done it before, we can map out a plan.

But what if we’re venturing into the unknown? (Or at least the unknown to us.)

In that situation, my attempt to build a system can end up a tad convoluted.

The work I’m spending creating a system is likely busy work that my brain is doing to keep me from venturing into the unknown.

The unknown is scary.

Fear is our number one enemy when we try to do something for the first time.

If I wanted to start a regular email conversation (like this one), launch a webinar series or a podcast, or commit to value pricing, fear is normally my biggest obstacle.

When we’re afraid of the unknown, afraid we might be wasting our time, afraid we’ll be embarrassed, or we can’t sustain it, we hesitate. That might look like over-analysis or endlessly looking for the perfect system or way to do it.

Just start

In those cases, what works for me is to abandon the system and start with the next right thing.

What’s the one step I can take toward my goal? Do that!

99% of the time, the next right step isn’t a planning step; it’s a doing step.

Write one email, record one podcast, schedule the webinar, value price your next proposal.

Just do it, once.

What are you stuck planning that you should start doing today? Hit reply and tell me the next right step and when you’ll have it done.

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