Thinks happen — keep going.

“Don’t get too high with your highs, don’t get too low in your lows.”

I have heard my clients, agency founders, describe leading their firm like they are riding a rollercoaster.

One minute they were on cloud 9, they closed a big deal or had a client presentation dripping with insights, and their clients clearly valued their perspective.

The next minute their best performer turns in her resignation, and your AM drops a report on your desk showing how over budget you are on that project that never ends.

One minute you are a hero, the next, you are in despair.

And you’re coming back tomorrow to do it all over again

You don’t have to ride.

Remember: you are the same person in both circumstances.

The same person killing it in the presentation is leading the never-ending-project-of-death.

So, when folks praise you like you invented sliced bread, you don’t have to get high. Remember your shortcomings.

And when you think about the money you’re losing on that project, remember the accolades you got from the other client.

None of us is just one thing. We are neither heroes nor zeros. We contain multitudes.

“You cannot let your regret from your past, or your fears of the future, stop you from being who you are right now.”

Hat tip to Cory Booker (yes, THAT Cory Booker), who posted a 2-minute video that helped me remember how important this is! (Quotes taken from that video.)

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