What a great leader looks like (and how to be one)

When someone says, “She’s a great leader,” here’s what they really mean:

  • She knows where her organization is going and communicates that relentlessly.
  • She knows how to orient team members to success and hold them accountable.
  • She communicates tasks specifically, with timelines and measurements.
  • She roots for her team to succeed; she believes that they can do it.
  • She listens.
  • She tells the truth, even when it’s an uncomfortable truth.
  • Everyone on her team is looking at the same numbers.

Being “a leader” isn’t a thing.

It’s an aggregation of many things done extremely well.

Each of these things can be learned and improved. You can do it.

Which of these do you need to learn to do better? Hit reply and let me know.

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