What are you giving up for the new year?

Welcome back! I’m hopeful that you’ve gotten a good break at the end of a long year and are back at it, ready to take on 2021 with new vigor and enthusiasm.

I had some great downtime this holiday season. My business partner gave us a back yard fire pit! We were grateful for the opportunity it provided for some socially distanced visits with family and friends. It was the perfect #2020 holiday gift!

One thing that’s sure to come when I take some good time off is that I return full of new ideas, fresh insights, and renewed energy to conquer the world!

This year, before I launch into new things, I’m feeling a draw to examine all I’m doing with the idea of paring back to essentials.

Instead of looking at 10 new ideas to get started with, I’ve found myself renewing my focus on the few things that will drive my business in 2021.

So my “resolution” for 2021 is to stop doing more things than I start doing. (More on that in Thursday’s email.) I need to make room in my life and business for new ideas, initiatives, clients, and fun by letting go of activities that aren’t serving me anymore.

So, instead of using the 4 D’s of time management to review just incoming tasks, I’m spending some time this week reviewing all that I’m already doing. I’m looking at my calendar and to-do list and asking:

  • Should I drop it?
  • Should I defer it?
  • Should I delegate it?
  • Should I keep doing it?

What can I clean off of my calendar and out of my to-do list so that I can renew my focus on my most important priorities?

What do you need to let go of to have more energy and focus for those new ideas and initiatives you are so excited about?

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