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What is enough?

In the last three years, I’ve worked with several founders who made their businesses smaller, intentionally.

Their businesses had grown in ways that became a burden.

For some, it was generating the work to cover everyone’s salaries. For others, their size created a firm that was no longer a fit for the work they loved and had instead attracted work that they didn’t enjoy.

Whatever the reason, I’ve seen firsthand how growth can lead us away from our best life.

But what if we put our best life first? What if our best life created constraints around our growth?

Embracing Constraints

When I started my business, I was the single father of three young kids.

I didn’t have much in the way of childcare help, so there were no breakfast meetings or happy hour networking events. I couldn’t even schedule a meeting after 4 PM because I was picking up kids, fixing dinner, getting homework done, and then the bedtime routine.

What I could do from 9 – 4 had to be enough.

Those constraints limited my income – but they made it possible for me to be present with my kids – which was priceless.

How does all this relate to setting goals for your business?

So, how much is enough?

When we decide that the only direction our business can go is up and to the right. When each year has to be bigger and more profitable than the last, then something has to give. If growth is imperative, you will pay the price with your health or relationships.

Do you need more flexibility or time away from work? Is there something new you want to pursue?

How could you set constraints on your business to create the margin for doing that? Would that enable your business to make enough impact and money?

Yes, you can do anything you want to. Your ability is unlimited! You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

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