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What is The Resistance costing you?

What does it look like when we’re afraid to make changes, take risks, or push our comfort zone? How do we recognize that The Resistance has a hold on our perspective, and is holding us back? Let me tell you a story.

I knew I had to fire him.

He’s a great guy; he’s got all the right background to be successful at this work. On the outside, he looked just like the person I needed to do this job. Still, it was undeniable that every project I gave him went south. 

In one project, the client had some medical challenges that were hard to deal with, so maybe that one isn’t on him. With another assignment, I hadn’t fully trained him…

I had excuses for why the projects were all getting screwed up — but that was the point. Every project I gave him was unsuccessful. 

Doesn’t that mean I need to fire him?

But if I fire him, I’m going to be short-handed! If we get a bunch of new business, who’s going to take on the work?

Maybe I should talk to my coach about this, or maybe I should give him some simpler assignments.

No. I should fire him. I should free him to work at something he’s not going to screw up and start the process of finding someone better.

See how much time The Resistance convinced me to waste there? Guess what his co-workers told me when I finally did give him the boot? They said, “Thanks, we were waiting for that.”  And what happens to my confidence in other areas while I’m second-guessing this decision that’s obvious to everyone? How am I showing up as a leader to my team and my clients when I can’t pull the trigger?  What could I have put my time and energy into if I hadn’t been hesitating and hemming-and-hawing about that decision? How much further along would I be? We can short cut The Resistance if we take action the first time we know it’s the right thing to do. Don’t hesitate, don’t wait until we’re sure. Move. Act. Do it. What are you waiting for?

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