What to do when progress is slow?

I’ve made a solid plan, considered every angle, and committed myself to the actions I need to take to execute the plan.

I’m seeing progress, and there are signs of hope, but I haven’t seen things “turn the corner.”

It will get really stressful around here if things don’t improve soon. I need to see progress!

What do I do now?

The temptation is to start meddling, “improving” on the ideas that haven’t even had a chance. Remember, I see signs that it’s working, just not fast enough.

It’s like I’m a farmer who has planted seeds; I see the green shoots poking up through the dirt — but there’s still no fruit.

If that farmer started digging up the plants to check on the roots or pulled them out and replanted them with different seeds, we’d think he’s nuts!

How do you persevere when progress is slow? We’ll talk more about this on Thursday, but for today, notice when you want to dig up your seeds to see if they are growing!

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