What was the best team that you’ve ever been a part of?

Take a minute and think back. Was there ever a team you were part of that stands out?

Maybe you got great results, or every person on the team felt integral and valued. It could be a work team or a sports team. It could be one you are on now, or you might be reaching back to high school!

Have you got one in mind?

What made that team great? Jot down a few impressions – go ahead, I’ll wait!

  • Why was that team effective?
  • What made it “gel”?
  • What made that experience stand out for you?

There are common themes to the answers I get.

I’ve asked hundreds of people to think about this question, and the same themes come up repeatedly.

  • Great teams have a clear common purpose.
  • They know what they’re about, what they are here for, and what winning looks like.
  • Great teams have rules or norms about how they work, and everyone clearly understands them.
  • They know what will be tolerated and what won’t, and the group will let you know if you aren’t up to the bar.
  • They pulled together in adversity and celebrated their successes.

Is your current team like that? How many of the people on your team would answer that THIS is the best team they’ve ever been a part of?

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