What’s ‘Rona doing to your head?

We’ve been inside (more or less) for 154 days.

Even though I’d been working at home for almost a year before the shutdown, the extended confinement of ‘Rona times has been messing with my head.

  • When I leave the house only to walk the dog, or occasionally to shop, one day blurs into another.
  • With few good (meaning safe) options for a vacation, July felt a lot like March (only hotter).
  • Missing a lot of times with family and friends has left me feeling alone and out of touch.

When my mood starts to darken or my energy gets drained, I used to just “push through.” Working harder could give me a sense of purpose and progress that could often improve my mood.
But this is different.

Working harder isn’t going to make me feel any more connected. If I can’t tell one day from another, it’s hard to build a sense of progress by buckling down.

Instead, I’ve been lightening up.

I’m trying to plan some adventures each weekend with my family.

  • A hike in the local nature preserve
  • A bike ride along the river
  • A trip to the beach

Anything to “mark” the weekend as special and different.

I’ve been planning more time off during the week.

  • Time to goof-off with my 11-year-old who’s going to be stuck at home “e-learning” this fall.
  • Time for myself, to take a walk, read a book, or just chill.
  • Time to visit with friends in the yard (while the weather is good).

What have you done to take care of the money maker (you, your head, your health) during ‘Rona times?

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