When do you get YOUR work done?

Last week we talked about focusing on your job, the things that are only yours to do.

When I see agency owners getting clear that they start to get free of many tasks that were draining energy from them, and that didn’t move the agency forward either.

Theoretically, that should free up a lot of time and energy to focus on those higher-level tasks – but unless you take charge of your calendar, you can quickly eat up that time with meetings and other admistrivia.

Instead of letting your calendar be a game of Tetris, where you’re squeezing in meetings followed by more meetings, you need to decide what work should go where.

  • What do you need to do daily, weekly, or monthly?
  • When do you need time to get your work done?
  • When are you most energized and productive? How can you schedule your most impactful work during those times?
  • How can you schedule breaks to be fresh and creative when you are in a meeting or focused on a task?

Open your calendar right now and look out over the next few days.

  • For each calendar, entry ask yourself, “Is my participation in this part of my Job Description?” If not, how do you get out of it!
  • Are there times blocked for you to do your work? If not, put some blocks on there right now.

There you go; in the last 5 minutes, you’ve started to take control of your calendar. On Thursday, we’ll talk about taking it to the next level and planning your perfect week!

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