Why do clients do nothing (even when they tell you they need your help)?

When we are talking to a potential client, the most likely outcome is that they will do nothing.

I bet if you went back through your CRM and looked at the deals that didn’t close, 75% of those prospects didn’t hire anyone to help them with their problem.

This is heartbreaking – you did all the hard work and got no deal.

You found someone with a problem that you could help solve. You qualified that prospect; they have a real problem with a high cost, urgency, and an outcome you can help them achieve.

You built trust, developed options, created a proposal, and still…nothing.


They don’t want to look foolish.

The worst outcome for a B2B buyer is that they hire the wrong agency and look foolish. So if they don’t have total confidence in you and your solution, they will hesitate and likely do nothing.

I’ve got some ideas about overcoming this that I’ll share with you on Thursday.

But before I do that, what are you doing in your current sales process to provide reassurance late in the sales process? How do you take the early enthusiasm expressed in that first meeting and turn it into a signed deal?

Hit reply and tell me what works for you.

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