Why is it so hard to finish things?

Why is it so hard to finish certain assignments?

Sometimes I procrastinate. I have something that would be easy if I just got it done, but instead, I put it off. Do you ever do that?

Recently, I procrastinated on a deliverable that was my client was anxious to see. What I promised him seemed simple enough at the outset, it quickly showed itself to be a lot more complicated. The more complicated it got, the less confidence I had that I was going to get a useful result — so I put it off and worked on other, more accessible, assignments. But I knew he needed it. So instead of delegating and renegotiating the deadline, I just kept promising myself that I would get to it.

As time went by, and he kept reminding me that he still needed it, and the guilt built up to the point where I ripped the bandaid off and banged it out.

You know, once I sat down to work on it, it wasn’t so bad, and I think it did an excellent job answering the question we were asking too!

Have you ever been there? If so, today, let’s make a pact to take action on that one thing you keep putting off, NOW.

Today, do ONE thing to move that project forward even if it’s just making the folder or taking a few notes to organize your thoughts. Do it RIGHT NOW.  Tomorrow, do the same thing… one step towards completion.

That little bit of action will break that cycle of procrastination and feel fantastic at the same time too!

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