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Could running your firm be light and easy?

On Tuesday, we talked about making work more fun by eliminating work that you don’t enjoy.

On Thursday, we talked about how my happiest clients are the ones who have systematically moved routine work and client work off of their plates to free up time to think, plan, and move their businesses forward.

Does this seem like crazy talk to you?

Does all this talk about work being “fun” and firm leaders being “happy” make you think I’ve gone soft in the head?

Are you wondering why you got on this list in the first place? What happened to the hard-hitting, actionable advice?

But what if it’s true?

Just for a minute, put your skepticism aside and think about it.

  • What if running your agency wasn’t so much of a slog? If it was fun three days out of five, what would that be like?
  • What if your to-do list was only three items long, but everything got done?
  • What if you had reliable sources of leads that came in on a predictable basis?
  • What if your team took care of the clients?

If that sounds attractive to you — or even if it feels impossible to you, but some part of you is curious about it. Let’s talk.

Hit reply and tell me what it would mean to you to run a business the way I’m describing. Then I’ll schedule a time for us to talk, and you can ask all the questions you have in your skeptical brain.

I’m looking forward to it!

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