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You don’t need 1000 leads.

It’s hard for a creative agency to serve more than 10 – 20 clients at a time. It splits your brain in too many ways. For most creative agencies, growth is getting bigger clients, not more clients.

Successful new business efforts might mean closing 5 – 10 new clients every year. That would be a terrific year for most agencies.

So when I see a client diving deep into “growth marketing” with hundreds of outbound emails, driving into complicated funnels and forms to qualify leads, my head starts to spin. How many leads do I need to close ten clients a year? 30? 50?

Create conversations with people who can hire you

Most agencies get hired because they talk to a decision-maker in a way that makes that decision-maker take notice. That’s unlikely to happen with a templated email!

Sure, reach out with a thoughtful, well-crafted email. Take the time to write one a day – but research it and make it clear why you choose to reach out to this person!

Be helpful, answer questions, offer value. Get to know them; let them get to know you. Take it slow.

It takes so much time

Yes. It sure does.

You can get help with the legwork. But the conversations, the insights, that’s all you.

Would you cold email a list to find a spouse? Would you send people through a funnel to find a best friend?

Good relationships take time.

How can you create a more consistent sales process?

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