Your personal highlight reel

Would you be willing to take 30 seconds to do a little experiment with me?

Think back to a time in the last few weeks when you were in top form. Everything was clicking, you were at your best, and you could feel it.

Do you have an example in mind?

What did that moment feel like?

  • Were you nervous or afraid of making a mistake? Or were you confident, acting without having to think?
  • How much were you thinking about how you were perceived? Were you self-conscious or self-forgetting?
  • Were you thinking things through step-by-step, or were you acting more from instinct and experience?

Now, expand your view.

Suppose you went back over the past few years and assembled a highlight reel of the times when you performed at your best. It could be in any context, with your kids, clients, a volunteer group, or anytime you felt confident, effective, and alive.

What do you see in those moments? What do they have in common?

How could you have more moments just like them? What would you lean into? What would you have to let go of?

Before you click into that next email, write yourself a note about those highlights and any intuition about living more of your life in that highlight reel.

I’d love to hear what you wrote. I’ll keep it totally anonymous. Just hit reply and let me know.

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