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Aim high when driving…

One of the things that I told my children when I was teaching them to drive is it better to make small adjustments to the steering wheel than big ones, particularly when you’re driving fast! Big adjustments to the steering wheel can make the car feel and act unstable.

The same is true in your business.

Your people feel comforted by small adjustments. When we make gentle corrections and nudge them in the right direction, that lets them know we’re paying attention and that they’re important to us.

Contrast that with the owner who comes in one day, and it’s all about content marketing, and then the next day it’s all about pay-per-click advertising; or who this month is implementing EOS and next month is launching a new side hustle.

Those dramatic swings in the steering wheel start to feel unstable for the passengers and eventually put the car itself at risk!

In what ways are you making small adjustments that help your team feel more comfortable? And what areas are you making large adjustments that might be feeling unstable?

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