Are you getting enough noes?

We’ve been talking about the importance of building your business development muscle. If you don’t want your business to slow down when the economy slows down, you will likely need to be more aggressively reaching out to prospects to find the ones willing to invest in your services.

The hardest part of outreach is the rejection.

When we reach out to folks, we don’t know, some will ignore us, and others will reject us. It will happen even if your outreach is a sincere help offer.

While rejection never feels good, there is a way of reframing it that has worked for me.

If instead of looking at those noes as rejections – they didn’t even interact with me, they don’t know what I could offer – so it’s not really about me!

But the no does mean something to me; it means I’m getting closer to a yes!

The more people I talk to and offer to serve with a sincere desire to help them, the closer I am to a new client.

So bring on the noes; an avalanche of noes means a pile of new clients.