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Creating your ideal week

Once your priorities are clear, getting your calendar to align with those priorities is the next step to getting your work done.

One way to start reshaping your calendar is to wipe the slate clean and create a template for an ideal week. By starting with a blank slate, you can schedule your most important tasks into time slots when you have the most energy and creativity to bring to bear on them. You can prioritize your most important responsibilities by creating time for them, and you can schedule breaks and rest to remain fully engaged.

My calendar rules include;

  • Client meetings are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays only.
  • Mondays I do prospecting and writing/podcast recording
  • Fridays are reserved for working on my business
  • I will only schedule 4 meetings per day, with a minimum 30 min break between them. This gives me room to take action on what came up in the meeting, prep for the next meeting, and get a few minutes’ break.
Ideal Week schedule showing blocks for client meetings, new business, prospecting and other activities.

When I first made this schedule it seemed impossible that I could make it work. But week by week my assistant and I started following more of the rules until this is pretty much how I work now.

What rules would you set that would help create your ideal calendar? What daily (exercise, meditation/prayer, process email, etc.), weekly (review tasks and schedule, 1-2-1’s with team members), monthly (financial review, new business review, etc) do you want to make room for?

Is this something you’d like help with? Hit reply and we can get on the phone and work together on making this happen!

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