Do you have a squad?

Do you ever feel lonely leading your own business?

When I first started my business, I joined a group of new business owners, like me, in different geographies. We met up in an online forum where we could ask and answer questions, exchange advice, and learn what was working and what wasn’t.   

This group was a significant confidence builder for me — I wasn’t all alone! I had a squad — people who had my back.

  • Meeting with them on a regular basis helped me to learn so much faster — I could see the mistakes I was making and see how others were getting around them.
  • I found resources to solve problems we all had in common. I didn’t have to research VA’s, one of the members in the group introduced me to theirs and she was great!
  • I felt so positive every time I saw them. We were all going down the same road — it grounded me that I wasn’t crazy to be doing this!

How would having a “squad” help you?

We’ve had a small Slack group with our clients for some time. It’s also frequently used as an online forum where folks from a variety of organizations can meet up and discuss what they are doing. I sent some examples earlier in the week.

What to expect

This Slack is not a place to push out your latest blog post or to fish for new clients. No one wants to be that guy.  Instead, we’re looking for

  • Respectful Interactions. We’re all trying our best, so there’s no reason for name-calling or bad-mouthing anyone. We’re here to help.
  • Helpful Feedback. You can get your questions answered and to help one another.  

If you are interested in being a part of a community like that, stop by and join in. If you don’t know anything about Slack, you can learn more here. 

See you in Slack!

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