Do you have the help you need outside of the office?

On Tuesday, we talked about the frustrated owner who had set herself up to be the problem solver, the person that everyone brought all the crises to so that she could solve them.

I find that when folks set themselves up with that (very overwhelming) job in the office, they also set themselves up in that same role at home!

What’s your home team like?

Do you come home every night and suit up to be “in charge” of everything that needs to happen there too? That might be contributing to your feelings of overwhelm!

The good news is that there is help to be had. I’ve seen clients who have successfully outsourced all kinds of tasks; laundry, meal prep, homework helphome maintenance, even bill paying, organizing, and cleaning. They literally bought themselves time to relax.

Who do you need to add to your “home team” so that your weekends can be a time for rest?

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