Do you want to be perfect or present?

I was listening to Rachel Rogers and Corey Arvinger talk on the Hello7 Podcast, and this section caught my ear!

Rachel: And I think making quick decisions is the mark of a powerful CEO, right? A lot of people think about it forever, hem and haw for months. And it’s like the opportunities are passing you by while you thinking about it. Or, you know, we’re so worried about, well, it’s going to cost me X. Okay, but what is it costing you to not make that move? How much are you losing by playing it safe all the time?

Corey: Me and my mom have these conversations, and I’m like, “You’re trying to show up perfect instead of being present.” Like why are you trying to be so perfect? Just be present, and then everything will work itself out in the present.

On Tuesday, we talked about how our peak performances are frequently times when we’re not evaluating, worrying about how we look or anticipating what’s going to go wrong.

When we are at our best, we are confident, operating out of our experience and instinct without thinking too much.

So when I heard Rachel and Corey lay this out, it really hit me.

What is it costing me to reach for perfection over presence? Why do I try so hard to find the “right” answer to ensure I won’t embarrass myself?

How does this hit you? Does it make you more anxious or set you free?

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