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Are you making progress? Tell me how!

Let’s go back to some homework I asked you to do roughly a month ago. Do you remember?

I asked you to write out the WHY you want to make more money in your business. If you weren’t with me a month ago take a minute to go back and do that homework. If you were with me, pull that page out and take a look.

How does that homework look now? Do those reasons still resonate with you a month later? Are they still motivating enough for you to make changes — or have you lapsed into comfort with the situation you have now?

Remember, you don’t have to achieve all this in one month, or one year. These are just the reasons that you want to make changes to your business that make you more money.

We’ve covered a lot of ground the last month and it’s time to check-in. 

We’ve talked about finding higher value clients, about letting go of clients that aren’t going to get you to your goals. We’ve talked about raising prices and about using your time more effectively.

What’s resonated? What have you implemented? What’s worked? What hasn’t? What do you want to hear more of?

It’s my goal to give you the most useful material I can. Material that helps you to lead your business differently so that you can live the life you want to have. How am I doing?

Would you hit reply today and tell me? What have you implemented? What do you need more of? How can I make these emails better? I read every response I get!

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