Giving up the things you are good at.

I’m known for making amazing spreadsheets.

I can whip up a spreadsheet that helps to illustrate a financial issue, or helps leaders to plan for the future, in no time.

I have a color code that I use so folks don’t mess up my formulas. The charts that I create are clear and easy to understand.

My clients love my spreadsheets. I’ve won prospects over by sending them a spreadsheet.

But I don’t make spreadsheets anymore.

When I was spending my time working on spreadsheets, I was stunting my company’s growth.

The job of the business owner is to look further out, to focus on issues that impact the future of your business. Like:

  • Identifying the future needs of your target market.
  • Recruiting, training, and developing your top team members.
  • Focusing your product, and your marketing messages so that it’s a tighter fit for your target market.

When I was working on my spreadsheets, I was neglecting those things that ONLY I CAN DO.

What’s something that you are great at, but that you might need to give up to grow your business?

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