Having FUN with business development

You can accomplish your goals in a very relaxed, slow, and fun way. ~ Steve Chandler

Our last conversation talked about how amping up the pressure and intensity might not be the best way to find opportunities. I suggested that there might be a way to try to slow down, listen and take time.

For many of you, this sounds like foolishness!

“Where do I have the time to slow business development down? You know that this is the time of year to get deals DONE!”

When you are selling high-value, customized services (which is exactly what the agency business is), you need to understand your clients’ challenges, the value you can create by solving them, and build trust to deliver the solution.

This is not a process that optimizes for speed.

“Besides, I don’t like doing business development. Slowing it down would be like TORTURE.” 

So how could you make it fun?

When we make business development more pressured and intense, it gets so serious and weighty. So we avoid it, and then it gets more serious and weighty…

If, instead, your outreach and connection were light and easy, how would that change things? How could you have fun doing business development?

When it’s fun, it’s OK if it goes more slowly. You learn more, build more trust and close more deals!

P.S. I’m having fun this weekend and won’t be sending you an email on Saturday!

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