Having fun yet?

Remember that client I told you about on Tuesday? The one whose energy was low, who was discouraged and started thinking about looking for another job?

After we took a different perspective and she started to see a clear way forward she easily laid out a plan to get the outcomes she’s been looking for. She was so excited and energized to get started right away.

But I slowed her down for a minute because I wanted her to see something…

Who are you being?

Part of “feeling stuck” was that the role she saw for herself involved a lot of work that she didn’t enjoy. Her company had some real challenges that needed to be overcome, there were clouds on the horizon that could turn into life-threatening storms, but she was spending her time on payroll, dealing with a disgruntled employee, and negotiating vendor contracts.

When her perspective changed she saw herself in a different role.

When we started by looking back from the conclusion of a successful year and I asked her who she needed to be in order to achieve that outcome it was a totally different role.

She assigned all of this tedious work to a team member, someone who’s been asking for more responsibility. In her look back from a successful outcome she assigned herself a role that engaged the storm clouds and used her creativity and industry connections to reposition the firm to thrive.

She assigned herself a role that was fun and effortless for her!

One of the signs that you are on the right track is that (much of) the work on your plate is stuff that you are good at, that is easy for you, and that you are having fun!

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